JamTracks – Funk & Soul Grooves Vol. I

I produced this on funk & soul based material in summer 2011. The concept of this release is a bit more extensive.
Jamtracks – Funk & Soul Grooves Vol. I not only includes chord charts for C, Bb and Eb instruments, but also detailed sheet music and tabs for the rhythm guitars. So the focus, just as in the other two editions, can be placed on improvisation studies. But especially for guitar players it would be much more interesting to deal with the rhythmic material of the recording. Just the Funk & Soul music is a very helpful topic for guitarists to study timing, phrasing, and interpretation of rhythms.
The backing tracks are available in up to 4 versions. That means every guitar on the recordings can be exchanged and replaced.
Musically, Jamtracks – Funk & Soul Grooves Vol. I shows a cross section through the various phases of this genre.


Price: 6,99 €

Just write me a short mail , if you would like to buy this package!